Stream Net #1605- Buckeye Burl with Grateful Dead Logo, and I-Mag System


  • Stream Net # 1605
    Handle:   Buckeye Burl with  Grateful Dead Logo and I-MAG
    Bow Laminations: Master Grade Fiddle-back Maple, American Black Walnut
    Bow: 11" X 16" 
    Overall Length: 24"

    Personalize your item with a Custom Engraved Monogram filled with black, crushed Turquoise 
    or White Mother of Pearl.
    Standard engravings are 4 characters, however just about anything is possible. 

    Denny (509) 570-8856 or email

    Lifetime Workmanship and Finish Guaranty 
    After considerable shaping and sanding are complete
     great care is taken to ensure the nets are protected from moisture and wear. Moisture is locked out by soaking each net for 2 days in a tung oil based commercial waterproofing oil. Once the sealer is cured, wear protection is provided by 5 coats of industrial grade polyurethane. 

    We have developed this finishing technique to protect your net for life, and we offer a lifetime guarantee on the workmanship and finish to back it up.
    (Most all other net makers simply wipe their nets with a good coat of oil and provide instructions for the owner to continuously re-coat the net with oil to maintain the finish.)