• Stream Net #1493- Buckeye Burl w/Turquoise and I-MAG


    Stream Net # 1493
    Handle:  Buckeye Burl with Turquoise inlay 
    Bow Laminations:   American Black Walnut, Curly Maple
    Bow: 11" X 16" 
    Overall Length: 24"

    Personalize your item with a Custom Engraved Monogram filled with black epoxy or crushed Turquoise. Standard engravings are 4 characters, however just about anything is possible. 

    Denny (509) 570-8856 or email Sales@bitterrootnets.com

    The burl handles on our Stream Nets are Acrylic Stabilized. 
    This process not only strengthens the handles, It prevents the wood from absorbing moisture. 
      Most Stream Net handles are inlayed with semi precious minerals like Turquoise or Malachite.
     The inlays are placed into the burls natural inclusions.