• Fly Box -Dry Fly #1233 River Series Buckeye Burl



    Side A - Buckeye Burl Dyed Bitterroot Blue with Turquoise River

    Side BBuckeye Burl Dyed Bitterroot Blue with Turquoise

    Frames - Curly Eastern Maple

    Dimensions - 5.125" x 3.75" x 1.25"

    Solid Brass Barrel Hinges

    Hidden Magnetic Closure System

    Personalize your item with a Custom Engraved Monogram filled with black epoxy or crushed Turquoise. Standard engravings are 4 characters, however just about anything is possible. 

    Denny (509) 570-8856 or email Sales@bitterrootnets.com

    Bitterroot Fly Boxes are made by hand, one at a time. The boxes are constructed using locking miter joints, this traditional woodworking joint assures a strong box without the exposed end grain found in most mass-produced boxes. The Burl-wood faces of the boxes are treated to the same Acrylic Stabilization system as our Stream Nets to lock out moisture and stop wood movement. Our solid brass hinges are completely hidden when the box is closed, making them completely snag free. All boxes receive the same finishing system as our landing nets.